I am a recent graduate of BSc (Hons) Computer Science at Oxford Brookes University. Having graduated in 2018, I’ve since been working as an Infrastructure Engineer and CloudBuy (2018 – 2019), and then moved on to a Cloud Operations Engineer at Bottomline Technologies (2019 – present).

My work is largely focused on infrastructure automation and orchestration tools. For virtual machines, this will largely revolve around Terraform and Puppet, but for containers this will be Docker and Kubernetes (though I am also familiar with Hashicorp’s Nomad, having had to use an alternative before Kubernetes supported Windows hosts/containers).

In my spare time, I like to mess around with tech, play video games, and shoot with my partner at our local archery club. I used to go ice skating twice every week which I’d like to do again, but the lack of an ice rink in Reading makes that difficult.